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If you’re new to binary options trading with option bot, then this a perfect soution for you.  We can assign a dedicated trading account manager, to help you through every step of trading and customise the software to your specific needs.

Your dedicated account manager is there to help you grow your trade portfolio month on month, and will advise you of the best strategies and tips to increase your winning trades.  They will advise you on the best times to trade based on your time zone and also negotiate with the brokers on your behalf to get you the best deals that are currently on offer in the market place.

We can even help you obtain free insurance for a percentage of your trades so that you can trade risk free for absolute peace of mind.  

As an enhanced member you’ll also receive unlimited free software upgrades, telephone, live chat, skype and email support for life.

Another huge advantage of upgrading to our enhanced package is that we will invite you to attend some of our exclusive training webinars that cost as much as $2997 for 1 week training course, all 100% free as part of the package.



The support package is also covered by our 60 day money back guarantee, so if for any reason you no longer wish to trade, we will refund 100% of your money back to you with no questions asked.


Remember, this is a limited time offer is and you will not see this page again. 

You can have all of this at a one off price of $197

Please note this service is currently only offered in English

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 You can view the full Optionbot 2.0 trading strategy video here

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